What makes Us Different?

Why choose Altuit? This question often arises, sometimes even from within our ranks. The answer varies based on the inquirer and context. However, our starting point is always a design-centric approach. Our team is diverse and interdisciplinary, making our commitment to process and methodology essential. Many team members have collaborated for over a decade. Our mission is to leverage our processes, especially the distinctive Cognitive Visualization™, to enable our clients to communicate effectively with themselves, their partners, and customers, spanning software, product, or cross-reality domains.

Our 5Ds process, detailed further in our downloadable whitepaper, forms the backbone of our projects. Collectively, our team boasts some of the world's finest developers, 3D artists, and top-tier talents. We've consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients in several key areas.

Cross-Reality Application and Expertise

Our cross-reality team is among the very best in the industry when it comes to Augmented Reality products. Our 3D artists are well known for their skills in creating best-in-class assets for AR and our developers work on the cutting edge of augmented mobile technologies. We have several historical and museum projects completed with successful apps in the App Store and Play Store. We have created innovative new portal technologies and approaches which allow users to virtually go back in time and walk around historical grounds. They can use one of our elevators to rise above a scene and see the battle take place below– including narration and special effects. Even our business cards come alive with photoreal augmented reality scenes!

D1 and Cognitive Visualization™

Our seasoned team of marketing, design and technology experts continue to work with many large and small companies to help them innovate new products, strategies and systems for the future. Our D1:Define is a very quick turnaround phased approach and quickly identifies the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of a new project. A customer journey exercise is included and the D1 ultimately concludes with a customer specified cognitive visualization piece. While not a finished design, it helps to communicate to our clients and their stakeholders their own work and ideas. A final document, with road map, timelines and resources is included to provide the next steps forward.

There are of course many other types of projects we take on. Recently, we've helped an AI company develop a go-to-market strategy, been invited to design an innovation center in China, and lead numerous AR and VR workshops and lectures around the country.