Altuit does reality. Augmented. Virtual. And unlimited. An independent design firm with deep experience in cognitive visualization and content development. Cross-reality solutions for your big idea. We do that.

Our group is very diverse and interdisciplined, so our attention to process and methodology is critical. Many of us have worked together *with each other* for well over 10 years. Our goal is to use our 5Ds process, including the unique Cognitive Visualization™ to help our clients communicate to themselves, their partners and customers, whether they are software, product or cross–reality.

Cross-Reality Application and Expertise

Our team of highly specialized artists, designers, developers and producers have years of experience working together and have created award winning and compelling products.

Altuit specializes in Cross-Reality, an umbrella term for virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. We have created VR labs for some of the biggest companies in the US. We have conducted X-Reality workshops at some of the most prestigious design universities and colleges. And, our folks have worked with Smithsonian affiliated museums to create best-in-class AR historical visualizations.

Our latest project created for the startup company, Alamo Reality, is a massively scaled augmented reality project called Experience Real History: Alamo Edition. It has recently been released and uses state-of-the-art technologies from Apple and Google. Please check it out at Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

D1 and Cognitive Visualization™

Our seasoned team of marketing, design and technology experts continue to work with many large and small companies to help them innovate new products, strategies and systems for the future. Our D1:Define is a very quick turnaround phased approach and quickly identifies the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of a new project. A customer journey exercise is included and the D1 ultimately concludes with a customer specified cognitive visualization piece. While not a finished design, it helps to communicate to our clients and their stakeholders their own work and ideas. A final document, with road map, timelines and resources is included to provide the next steps forward.

Our Team

Ashley Smith

Storyboard Artist

Ashley is a visual stylist and the amazing link between artists and technologists. She brings the order and staging necessary for augmented reality. Ultimately, she’s a storyteller. That’s the magic she brings.

Becka Sheranian

Executive Producer

15 years focused on emerging technologies, Becka makes production run like clockwork. She keeps the big picture in mind while diving into the many details that go into building our projects.

Chipp Walters

CEO, Designer

Working in design and tech for far too long, Chipp is still looking for the meaning behind what the pause/break key does on the keyboard. Pretty sure it has something to do with Viewer 7.

Christi Bacot

Executive Director

Christi keep things running smooth while also helping with biz dev. She has many years experience  participating in new technology evolution. She has horses and a dog as big as a horse.

Chris Bohnert

Director of Development

Affectionately know as "Viewer 7," Chris has over 20 years solving wicked software problems on projects ranging from Homeland Security to why Davey Crockett's rifle won't fire.

Dante Duphorne

Special FX Director

Dante brings with hime 19 years of 3D and 2D design, modeling, texturing, animation, art direction and pipelines for video games.

Floyd Wray

Senior Writer | Editor

Floyd writes silly stuff like "why am we here" and whether or not "horizontal stripes make a one-eyed rat look fatter." A deep thinker. And a very very silly man.

James Boddie

3D Historian

James Boddie, PhD, is a retired engineer from AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and Agere Systems.  His current avocation is using CGI to visualize scenes of historical significance.

Jerry Perkins

Director of 3D

Jerry is a weapons-grade 3D artist and tool developer who is known worldwide in the 3D community as MasterXeon2001. He also likes playing Tetris with his Switch.

John Smith

Director of Media

John Smith aka "The hardest working man in multimedia" has more than 20 years experience in media production and team leadership. He also picks a pretty mean guitar.

Jo Betsy Vaught


Jo has over 30 years of biz dev and strategic marketing experience helping leading technology companies and early-stage technology start-ups.

Kristine Buenavista

Social Media Director

New to the team, Kristine is our smart and talented social media guru who keeps our stories alive on the Interweb. Her fondness of the local post office is almost weird.

Nancy Wray


Nancy is the number one reason why our team get's paid on time. She has worked in the front office with members here since the days of "Red Echo."

Pam Kott

Executive Producer

Pam has the vision, creativity and experience in leading the design, development and marketing for technology products and services. She enjoys hanging around with giraffes.

Patrick Swinnea

Front-End Developer

Friendly and easy to work with, Patrick has produced numerous top-rated iOS games, reaching over 5 million players worldwide.

Paul Warren

Front End Specialist

15 years of front-end development experience. Deep thinker, Problem solver and a love of content management systems. Paul has worked with this team for over 10 years.

Ron Wood

VP Business Development

Wood is Altuit's west coast presence biz dev contact and has worked with members of our team over 25 years.