Altuit does reality. Augmented. Virtual. And unlimited.
An independent design firm with deep experience in cognitive visualization and content development.
Cross-reality solutions for your big idea. We do that.

Our team boasts a rich diversity and interdisciplinary expertise, making our approach to process and methodology paramount. Many of us have collaborated for over a decade. We aim to employ our 5Ds process, especially the distinctive Cognitive Visualization™, to assist our clients in communicating with themselves, their partners, and customers across software, product, and cross-reality domains.

Our recent project for the startup, Alamo Reality, is an expansive augmented reality endeavor titled "Experience Real History: Alamo Edition." Utilizing cutting-edge technologies from Apple and Google, it's now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We invite you to explore it.

Cross-Reality Application and Expertise

Our seasoned team of artists, designers, developers, and producers have collaborated for years, producing award-winning and captivating products. Altuit is a leader in Cross-Reality, encompassing virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. We've established VR labs for prominent US companies, led X-Reality workshops at top-tier design institutions, and partnered with Smithsonian-affiliated museums to craft unparalleled AR historical visualizations.

D1 and Cognitive Visualization™

Our experienced team of marketing, design, and technology professionals collaborates with both large and small enterprises, guiding them in innovating future-ready products, strategies, and systems. Our D1:Define offers a swift, phased approach, pinpointing the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of a project. This process includes a customer journey exercise and culminates in a client-specific cognitive visualization. While preliminary, it effectively conveys our clients' concepts to their stakeholders. A comprehensive document, detailing a roadmap, timelines, and resources, is provided to chart the path ahead.

Ashley Smith

Storyboard Artist

Becka Sheranian

Executive Producer

Chipp Walters

CEO, Designer

Christi Bacot

Executive Director

Floyd Wray

Senior Writer | Editor

Jerry Perkins

Director of 3D

Kristine Buenavista

Social Media Director

Ron Wood

VP Business Development