The Altuit Process: 5Ds
Define, Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy

From the Introduction

"Altuit is a new kind of design firm. One which specializes in using a structured design-centered approach to rapidly develop new products and applications. Our tested 5D methodology allows us to engage projects using perfectly matched-to-task resources. Our team has decades of experience, working together creating solutions and solving both large and small design problems. Unlike many brick and mortar firms, we have no interns, first-year designers, or ‘junior’ team members. We don’t burden our clients with having to support expensive overheads focused on ‘billable usage percent’ of our staff.

And most importantly, using the 5D approach, we tell you exactly what deliverables you will receive and when.

By working with experienced professionals, we can cut weeks and sometimes months off of development schedules while still maintaining superb quality design. Our focus is your product. Our mission is success for your clients. The purpose of this document is to learn more about how our proprietary 5D methodology works.

Our team, having created best-in-class software solutions and award-winning product designs, has worked in the design industry for over 25 years. We have successfully deployed hundreds of solutions as large as full scale Lunar Base prototypes for NASA and as small as time management apps for iPhone and Android.

We have created and refined our design approach which is common to both hardware and software, to bring new products to market.

This is important as now more than ever, both hardware and software are being designed together, and an optimization of this process provides a consistent and integrated solution delivered in a less resource intensive way. This means faster to market with a better solution.

One of the ongoing challenges in product and software application development,  is how to work with companies to shorten development cycles while ensuring a high quality final product.

Critical to knowing what works, is also understanding what doesn’t work. We continually refine our process while staying focused and committed to quality and on-time/on-budget delivery. This is demonstrated by the many successful products we’ve delighted our customers and their end-users with over the years.

Key tenants for expediting development include maximizing the efforts of discovery design time –Just in Time Customer Experiences and minimizing the cycling of technology development hurdles–  Get it right the first time."