What's a Huddlewall?
We would find out, and it blew us away.

A group of your run–of–the mill MIT geniuses started a company 

and did amazing things with math and spherical projections to create realistic simulations for aircraft cockpits. They invented tech which seamlessly matches and blends from one projector to the next across all pixels and light settings. Really neat stuff. Then they had the idea it could be used for very large whiteboards so they invited us to help them brainstorm with our D1:Define Cognitive Visualization. 

So, off we went to Cambridge and what we found was nothing short of amazing! We actually conducted the two day workshop using a prototype, and was it easy and fun and most of all PRODUCTIVE. We worked through an abbreviated customer journey, took a full technical audit and as part of the last creative session, actually sketched out ideas directly on the massive wall.

Some of the ideation sketches done on the Huddlewall.

Two weeks later we finished up the D1 and presented it directly on the wall again-- by far the WIDEST presentation ever done. Great ideas and great client.

D1 cognitive visualization of what the design might look like