Hyperloop Underwater?
The Hyperloop designed for Elon Musk

Display panels line the interior of the cabin and can display any of a number of different environmental scenery

The inception of the Hyperloop concept, as detailed in Elon Musk's 57-page paper on Hyperloop Alpha, ignited imaginations worldwide. 

The proposition? Transporting individuals at 700 mph within compact steel capsules, devoid of windows, through near-vacuum tubes. It's reminiscent of the pneumatic systems banks use to transport documents, but in this case, it's people in transit. While the paper was theoretical, it presented compelling arguments for the technical and economic viability of shuttling passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles in just 30-45 minutes.

However, what struck us was the apparent oversight of human-centric design. Musk's blueprint suggested passengers remain seated and secured, much like on a roller coaster, for the journey's entirety. This seemed impractical, especially post a large beverage consumption. This led us to ponder: How would we reimagine the Hyperloop's design?

Our first step was assessing the proposed cabin dimensions. We found the larger model too restrictive for a windowless journey. And even if windows were introduced, the view would be limited to the steel tube's interior. Our solution? Tripscene displays. These OLED panels envelop the cabin's interior, offering dynamic scenic views, from underwater vistas to mountain landscapes or even the vastness of space. We conceptualized three distinct cabin designs: first-class, business-office, and coach. The business class features a unique Tripscene display variant. For a detailed insight, download the accompanying PDF.

Capsule Jukebox sketch

In conclusion, we envisioned a jukebox system that would efficiently manage both passenger and cargo capsules, ensuring swift turnarounds. While this isn't a finalized design, it garnered attention from Fast Co and several other platforms, leading to a wave of positive feedback.

We created a book (see download link above) and sent it to Elon Musk for review.

Inside Business Class