Totally Wild, and Totally Inevitable
This ambulance drone

What's the next move? 

FastCo reached out once more, this time seeking innovative tech concepts tailored for the medical sector. Our team brainstormed, and among the flurry of Post-Its emerged a standout idea: an autonomous ambulance drone.

The concept is intriguing. Why not harness drones for benevolent purposes, rather than industrial espionage, military reconnaissance, or invasive personal recordings?

The idea brimmed with potential, but there was a catch: a tight two-week deadline, with other projects also in the pipeline. We swiftly transitioned from collective whiteboard sketches to early 3D visualizations. We employed 'kitbashing', a technique where various existing models, sourced from platforms like SketchUp Warehouse, are amalgamated. The goal? Achieving a rich visual texture that suggests form and intricacy without exhaustive detailing.

Kitbashed early version of drone

We envisioned the drone accompanied by a single medical professional. After some intense design sessions, our drone concept materialized. Word has it that this singular idea garnered over $3M in media coverage. Surprisingly, a European firm even vouched for the feasibility of our drone's rotor design. Who would've thought? For a deeper dive, check out the feature on FastCo.

Unpiloted drone helps EMS