A car that splits in two. Seriously?
Fast Company asked for a car to split into two. And the kicker. Do it in less than a week.

Got a call from Mark Wilson, editor at Fast Company. Said he was at the Cadillac design studio and in a bit of a bind. He had talked up this idea of a Caddie that could split in two and was hoping, and I guess expecting, they could come up with a design. Something happened and now he had this story to finish, but no design in sight.

“Can you give me something in a week?” Sure. Sat down and scribbled some ideas with a couple folks at argo, then went to work. Created some rough drawings, then right to 3D. Roughed it out in polys then jumped to full CAD in order to model some of the more organic shapes.

Finished up with some great Tokyo environments and made the deadline. Certainly not something realizable, it just had to look so.

If you have about 6 minutes, you should check out Mark's video on him pitching the finished idea at the New York auto show. Fun stuff.

Early concept. Decided to go with less symmetry and more organic. 
Split car in Tokyo