What was it Google-X wanted to know?

Invited to San Mateo to give a talk to Google-X about Altuit's own brand of Design Thinking

Google X, (the X stands for eXpirimental) invited me to visit their secret lair in Mountain View, where they are inventing all sorts of next generation products– like autonomous cars. We were asked to talk about our brand of Design Thinking, which we call the 5Ds. We also spent a good bit of time talking about Cognitive Visualization– a part of the D1 phase interesting to others because it is so visual.

It was a very interesting visit. It was clear they invent by iteratively building prototypes and some of the projects I saw were just amazing. Can't say too much more or my Android phone will proabably stop working.

If you're interested in the presentation given, here's a link. It's not much without the voiceover, but there may be some interesting thoughts here. We do have a paper on the 5Ds which goes into this in more detail.