How VR helps Product Design

A whitepaper by Altuit on how to use VR to help with Product Design


We've given talks and consulted with global companies on how to incorporate the power of VR into their design process. Here's a snippet from our downloadable whitepaper on the process. To the right is one of the early tests on creating high quality products in virtual space.

A powerful shift is underway in the tectonics of the design industry. Design processes are being disrupted. The change brought on by this disruption is nothing short of astonishing.
Not since the digital renaissance of the 80’s have we seen emergent technology which impacts all phases of design.
Just as designers in the past who did not adjust to the new digital paradigm, today’s designers who fail to anticipate the current shift risk being discarded on (or abandoned at) the wrong end of the learning curve.
Designers now immerse themselves inside new, non-real environments. They see, hear, and experience a radical, new perspective on design. This new perspective is known as: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). These technologies mark the high side of today’s learning curve, and the pathway to the future.
Investors are funding new VR/AR/MR startups with the same vigor and enthusiasm as they did when the Internet and world wide web were the the hot prospects of their day.