A few of the companies we have worked with

Altuit helps companies develop their own Cognitive Visualization Virtual Reality Labs

For those interested in learning more on how they can build their own VR labs, Altuit has a basic workshop which helps technically adept designers. The workshop covers:


  1. How to setup, install and configure the hardware and software.
  2. How to optimally export models from CAD to VR
  3. How to texture models to faithfully represent the chosen CMF.
  4. How to quickly create scenes for use in staging models and scenarios.
  5. How to use a VR engine to setup and configure scenes, light them, and view then in VR.
  6. How to create a handheld transporter beam to move around scenes larger than room-scale.
  7. How to setup a scene to be able to grab and move objects around inside it.


If you're interested in learning more about Cogviz VR, please contact us.


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